A visit from the ACWW

Our June meeting included a lovely cream tea. It seems that this is becoming an annual tradition 🙂 Scones, clotted cream, jam and strawberries, followed an interesting talk by our visitors.

The speakers were senior representatives from the Associated Country Women of the World. We have collected ‘pennies’ for this organisation for several years and it was nice to have an opportunity to learn more about what the money is used for.

The ‘ACWW’ is a truly inspiring organisation, supporting women and their chosen community initiatives internationally. It changes lives and living standards for the better, providing opportunities for women in developing countries to help themselves. Do follow the link to the website of the ACWW, to explore just what a wide reaching and amazing organisation it really is. You will see that the ACWW includes many smaller womens groups within it, from many different countries. https://www.acww.org.uk/

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