Creative Writing Project for Jan/Feb 2020

Bradley Stoke WI runs creative writing sessions, as a side shoot of our monthly Book Club. However, we encourage all members to join in, whether they are part of Book Club or not and it would be nice to have as many people as possible take part in this, our first 2020 writing project.

The theme this time is …

An open window

Participants are invited to write a piece of fiction or poetry, of any length they like, on this theme, to be handed in at any time during January or February.

The ‘open window’ could be an actual, physical window somewhere, or it could instead be a figurative window – an ‘opportunity’ ….. you choose.

For anyone who might enjoy seeing where a prompt could take them, here is a suggested first paragraph for you …

As Mary walked up over the grassy bank to meet the vista of mellow Cotswold stone and rambling roses that fronted Southwold Manor, she felt a lurch of surprise. A window was open – wide open, on the ground floor. The windows of Southwold were never open. The place had been empty for eight months. Something was very different this Wednesday morning.

Have fun and we will look forward to sharing our writing in a few weeks’ time.

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