March Plans

Thank goodness! Spring is arriving and our gardens are full of shoots, daffies and other little splashes of colour. February has been hard to cope with – all that incessant rain and wind! Our hearts go out to all those in parts of the country that have suffered such dreadful flooding. It may rain a lot in Bristol, but at least we have been largely safe from big floods. Having looked at the weather forecast for the next week or two, it seems to be more reminiscent of a typical early spring 🙂

Our main meeting this month will be on March 11th and our speaker will be a plastics engineer, which should be very interesting in these days of environmental concern.

It is still not too late to produce some creative writing for the group, on the theme of ‘An open window‘, (see earlier posts for details). We will also be collecting poems for our Easter meeting in April. Why not start scribbling now and let the early spring sunshine inspire you?

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