Hello ladies! How are you doing?

As we all head into the second week of ‘lock down’ as a result of the corona virus, I hope you are all managing to keep your spirits up. Hopefully you have now sorted out a reliable method of grocery shopping as the worst of the initial problems caused by panic buying, ease a little.

Keep communicating with your friends using the phone, email and social media and enjoy all the ‘silver linings’ of our strange situation. We now have time for doing all those hobby-ish things we always wanted to do, but which we never seemed to have time to indulge in. Resurrect those crafting skills and have a great time reading etc. Enjoy a spot of gardening when the weather’s fine, listen to music, dance around the living room and why not indulge in some extra special cooking projects?

Remember that you can always call a fellow member of your WI if you feel a bit fed up and just want a chat, or if you need a hand with something practical. Phone numbers for our WI ladies who’ve volunteered to be ‘up for a chat’ have been sent out in recent group emails and in the newsletter.

Do keep an eye on our Facebook page, which is now more active than previously. Hopefully there will be some fun posts and ideas to help make us all feel connected to the group still, despite the enforced social distancing.

Keep well and smiling!

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