Keeping in Contact Online

Hello All!

Hope you are well and coping with the strange and rapidly changing times. Keep focussing on those silver linings of our changed lifestyle, rather than allowing frustrations to dominate. WI ladies are made of resilient and positive stuff! Remember the suffragettes and the war time land army! 😉 Hopefully you have found some very rewarding and enjoyable positives recently and remember that you can contact us through Facebook to share them, through this website, or through the contact details provided to members in our regular Friday newsletters, if you would like to discuss anything at all, positive or concerning.

Our website has been rather quiet since the lockdown, as Facebook, newsletters and Zoom seem to have gained the lime-light in our communication methods. However, be assured that the Bradley Stoke WI website is still very much alive and kicking and its worth checking back here occasionally for posts. A link to our more active Facebook page can be found in the footer of all our main web pages.

Here is a helpful link to the national WI website, through which you can access information about using various online communication methods to keep in touch. However, you will need to log in to their website to view it: How to use and host a meeting using Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangouts.

Here are instructions you can download as a .pdf file, which explain how to use Zoom, without needing to access the main WI website….

Good luck, ladies, keep smiling and keep in touch 🙂

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